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Personalized Wellness

In Lishe‐Me we offer comprehensive nutrition, medical, lifestyle assessment through laboratory analysis, personalized meal plans, simplified exercise plans and behavioral therapy sessions in order to address individual needs.

  • Online Nutrition consultation
  • Face to face nutrition consultation
  • Home visit Nutrition consultation


Residential Wellness Program

Shutter self-defeating habits in the Lishe‐Life program. This is an 18 day intensive residential program seeking to reverse lifestyle related diseases as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity – for good. It takes place in a serene quiet environment away from the city hustles and bustles.



Lishe Leo School of Health Education

Learn from the experts be part of Lishe‐Trainings whether a professional in health care or not.  

1. Continuous Professional Development provider ( For professionals)

A designated continuous professional development (CPD) by Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute to provide latest evidence based practice in lifestyle disease management and wellness for healthcare professionals.

2. Lifestyle diseases Management Workshops ( for general public)

Learn the basics of health and lifestyle through our Health Educators series for individuals who are not necessary trained in health care but are keen to develop hands on skills.


Community Connect Programs

Whether a cooking enthusiast or seeking to belong, there is a place for you in our community connect programs.

1. Plant based cookery
 – Free recipes
 – Face to face sessions
 – Online step by step instructions

2. Support Groups
 – Cancer support group
 – Diabetes support group
 – Nutrition support group


A healthier you in 3 simple steps


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Create a free account and complete your LisheLeo health assessment.


Make A Plan

Together, we’ll build a shared understanding of your holistic health and goals. Then, using the best science, we’ll plan realistic and achievable next steps.


Journey Forth

Armed with your plan, your health is no longer a once-a-year, pass/fail test, but a convenient and ongoing dialogue with our team that knows you.

What our clients say...

"Lisheleo approach through diet. Taking food as medicine and NOT medicine as food worked for me. After about 4weeks, my sugars were normal."
"During my treatment I was confused and did not know what to do .When I signed up on Lisheleo, I was taken through natural foods necessary in boosting my immunity. This has now become a lifestyle"

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