Onion-maize pancake


½ cup Whole meal maize flour

1 cup Whole wheat flour

3 tbsp Baobab powder

1 tsp Salt

1½ cups Water

2 medium sized red onion bulb


  1. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  2. Chop the onions into fine cubes or desirable size.
  3. Add water to the dry ingredients. Add the onions and mix.
  4. Heat the pan and if not non-stick, brush with a little oil. Drop a scoop into

the pan. Allow to gently fry under low heat to attain a golden brown color.

  1. Serve warm. Enjoy!

 Red Onion

Ingredient of the week

Red onion is common and a must have ingredient in many homes in Kenya. It is excellent in breaking down mucus (also known as mucolytic). It has also been found to stop bronchial allergic reactions in asthmatic cases.It is a natural antibiotic as well as good in reducing blood glucose level thus good for the diabetics. Research now shows using more onion in your diet plays a role in lowering stomach cancer. I have use it not only in many recipes but in various forms, cooked and raw. Did you know an onion slice on your bedside, especially when you have a cold, you will wake up to a clear nostril? You will also sleep soundly!

What this means also, use whole onions, never use half today and keep for the next day. If you must keep, then wrap it in cling film to cut out all air.

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